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We took over the premises in October 2003 and decided to run it as the type of tea house that we would like to visit.  We list below our solutions to some of the common failings (in our opinion) of some establishments.

Hot drinks - we always serve our beverages at at least 75 degrees C.  Many places serve so-called 'hot' drinks at surprisingly low temperatures (using health & safety as an excuse).  The real reason is that a cool drink ensures you do not hang around too long - faster turnover = greater profit!

Organic - we use only organic milk (semi-skimmed or whole) and have a choice of organic tea or coffee.

Butter - we butter our teacakes (or crumpets) for you, as it can be so annoying getting a cold pat of butter on the side of your plate.  Of course, if you prefer to spread it yourself, we will gladly provide butter, softened in the microwave.

Fillings - we ensure that the price is reflected in a generous, good quality filling and do not try to disguise an inferior product by the addition of a garnish or crisps.

Clotted cream - we use only genuine Rodda's Cornish clotted cream with a comprehensive selection of jams from

Rosebud Preserves.

No music - so many coffee shops these days play music, that it is virtually impossible to find somewhere that you can relax in peace and quiet and just immerse yourself in a newspaper or a book for an hour or so.  We have such a place!

Dog-friendly - as dog lovers ourselves, we think it odd that so few establishments cater for dogs.  We welcome dogs that are well behaved to both our indoor and outdoor areas.

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